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1/15/07 --Happy New Year! Okay, kind of late for that. I wanted to let you know that I'll be attending a Magic:The Gathering© Planar Chaos™ Prerelease event this next weekend (Jan 20 & 21) with Rob Alexander. So if you're in the Louisville, Kentucky area, come on down and I'll try to get your cards signed and have as many prints available as I can.

Here's a website with more info on the event: http://www.bluegrassmagic.com/

Word to everybody else who's waiting on their cards in the mail: The pile of mail with unsigned cards has been getting really backed up, particularly in December. Busy month. I'll try to get most of it out the door and back into your hands by the end of the week.

1/25/07 --The Planar Chaos™ card Fungal Behemoth is now up!

2/18/07 --Jeremy Jarvis (the art director of Magic©), showed my sketch of a dropped card from the Planar Chaos set on his WoTC online article a few days ago. Here is a more worked up version of the card. Do you think I should finish it and offer it up as a print? If so, please give me some feedback by email or at my thread (now closed but archived) at the Wizards boards.

2/28/07 --Are you going to be in the Singapore area this weekend? I'm headed off to the Grand Prix - Singapore for a card signing! I'm assuming that I'll be making an appearance this Saturday and Sunday (3rd & 4th of March). More information can be found on the Wizards website.

4/14/07 --I will be in Salt Lake City next Saturday (April 21st) for the Future Sight™ Prerelease event (I'm not actually featured in that set, actually. Subscribe to or download the most recent Magic© Podcast for more information about why the artist lineup is different this time). I will be bringing prints and artist-proof cards for sale as usual. Jump over to this link for more information about the event.

Are you in the Seattle area and want to see a bunch of great fantasy art? The Roq La Rue gallery on 2nd avenue had a great opening last night, with some of the industry's heavy hitters attending: Brom, Todd Lockwood, Gregory Manchess, and a bunch of others kicked off a great exhibition. I believe it will be up until the beginning of May. I'm jealous of how frequently great illustration exhibits on the east coast get shown, but not so much in my neck of the woods. The Society of Illustrators and other organizations manage to put them together more frequently than out here. Many years ago Seattle had a gallery dedicated to illustration art, but unfortunately it folded. So this show was definitely a breath of fresh air for me.

5/28/07 --I've updated the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle© cardlist on the Art List 5 page. It now reflects the cards reprinted since 2000 by White Wolf Games.

6/14/07 --When I was on staff at Wizards of the Coast as a concept artist, I whipped up something called a "Coalition Symbol" that was used heavily for the Invasion Block of the Magic© game. Matt Cavotta's put up an article mentioning how the symbol(s) was used for the card art in the sets. Here's a link.


7/8/07 --One of July's 10th Edition cards has shown up in a preview on Wizard's official site. I'm putting up the full-sized art for it, but calling it "No. 14" so I don't spoil the weekly countdown. The link is here.

Update: The name of the card is now officially "Skyshroud Ranger".

7/16/07 --The full list of 10th Edition cards is now up!

9/17/07 --Wow, been a while since I've updated, but I might as well let you know about the Seattle Lorwyn Prerelease event on September 29th (Saturday)! This will be a biggie. Since I live in the area, I hope to bring a lot more stuff to hang, exhibit, and sell than usual at most events. I'll be bringing plenty of prints, original art, and artist-proof cards for your perusal. It should prove to be a pretty special event. Both Anson Maddocks (!) and Pete Venters will be there in full force, so we'll try to have a lot of special stuff to look at and sign. Hope to see you there!


The Lorwyn prerelease event will be at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall at 305 Harrison St. on Saturday starting early. Since it seems to be a one-day showing, I'll try to max out the hours available to get stuff signed and keep the "store" open as long as possible. If you'd like to check out the cards I've done for Magic© so far, there's a pretty thorough list here.


02/02/08 --Sorry for the long absence! I've finally updated the pages for Lorwyn and Morningtide. More in a jiffy, in the meantime, enjoy a wallpaper courtesy of Wizard's™....

Update: I'll be attending the Magic:The Gathering© Vancouver Grand Prix in two weeks (February 23-24), and Anson Maddocks will be there also! Here's a page with more specific information:


More information as it comes in...:)

04/08/08 --The prerelease for Shadowmoor is coming up, but since the Wizards website showed off an upcoming artwork as booster packaging for that set, here's the full artwork on this page. (Sorry, I can't give out the title until the prerelease weekend.)

Speaking of which, I'll be returning to Louisville, Kentucky the third weekend (19-20th) of April for a Shadowmoor prerelease event. Rob Alexander will be there, just like last year! More information can be found here:



07/16/08 -- I've finally updated the Shadowmoor and Eventide entries.

Also, I will be attending the Grand Prix - Madrid the weekend after next (July 26th and 27th). Again, I'll be signing with Rob Alexander on Saturday and part of Sunday. I hope to see some of you there!

08/07/08 -- I will be attending the PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) here in sunny Seattle, Washington (no, it's been really nice out here this summer) this August 29th through the 31st. Not sure what my schedule is going to be, but since it's local you can bet I'll be bringing lots of stuff to show! Here's a link:


08/26/08 -- Here is my schedule for the PAX™ Expo:

Friday, August 29th – 4pm-8pm
Saturday, August 30th – 11am-12:30pm & 4:30pm-7:30pm
Sunday, August 31st – 11am-2pm & 3:30pm-5:30pm

I will be in the Annex on the first floor. Here are some other Wizards™-related events at the Expo:


08/28/08 -- I've added a link to a resumé, which now links to my public Linkedin/Plaxo page.

08/30/08 -- Greetings from PAX! I'm taking a break this afternoon from the big gaming convention, and I wanted to share a few pics. My table in the Annex (800 Pike, where the Bodies exhibit was shown in Winter '06) is located across the street & under the convention hall, where board and other table games are showcased. I kind of feel like an info booth worker because they've got me next to the front door behind a big curved desk. You can't miss it, I'm next to the big Wizards D&D Beholder monster. Here's a picture of the big bad boy floating nearby and two other things I've seen.


Oh yeah, there's lots of videogames in here too...

08/30/08 -- I saw a preview of some Shards of Alara™ artwork at the Wizards of the Coast's booth, so I think it's okay to give you a clearer preview of some upcoming "Grixis" art.


09/10/08 -- Many links on the website became broken when Wizard's updated their own site. I'm doing my best to repair old links to articles and such, but in the meantime, if you come across an address that looks like this:


Replace the red portion with this fragment:


Then most articles will display the older info with the new site formatting. Sometimes some links just don't work properly, and are probably gone forever, but it's a solution that should work in the majority of cases.


09/17/08 -- Another Shards of Alara preview is up, this time another black environment that was used as a background for a Wizards feature called "Alara Explorer" (Flash© required).


09/29/08 -- I've updated the titles of the cards for the Shards of Alara™ set. I'll try to get the blanks filled in soon. The Wizards site has a visual spoiler page if you want to check them out in the meantime. Look in the "colorless" page for my cards.


10/21/08 --


12/1/08 -- Hey everybody, sorry for the silent treatment. I wanted to first thank Emanuele Vietina and everybody else over at the Lucca Card and Games for the fantastic show at the beginning of November. I was invited as an artist Guest of Honor and I had a fantastic time exhibiting a whole bunch of original art, signing of course, and having a grand old time in a grand old city. My friend Anson Maddocks and I had attended the convention a good twelve years ago (I think) and we were able to be amazed that it had grown so much since that time. Streets filled with exhibition tents and chock full of people in costume. Estimated attendance was somewhere around 150,000 people this time!

I'll try to show some photos in the near future, but in the meantime, look at some of these pictures on Flickr to see what we were up to:


Check out the other collections to get an idea of how huge this event was. Here's an interview video that was taken at a panel at the video. Having stormtroopers and Vader himself escort us out was a kick!


12/1/08 -- I will be attending the Magic:The Gathering Worlds 2008 event in Memphis, Tennessee next weekend from Friday Dec 12th to Sunday the 14th. If you have any cards you'd like signed, would like to purchase prints or original art, please swing by if you're in the area! It should be a lot of fun. Alan Pollack and Matt Cavotta will also be there in full force!


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