Upcoming appearances:

Cobo Center (TCF) / Detroit, Michigan
March 13-15, 2020



Kentucky International Convention Center / Louisville, Kentucky
March 27-29 , 2020



Palm Beach County Convention Center/ Palm Beach, Florida
April 10-12, 2020



Palm Beach County Convention Center/ Palm Beach, Florida
April 10-12, 2020



Washington State Convention Center/ Seattle, Washington
June 5-7, 2020



Rhode Island Convention Center / Providence, Rhode Island
June 19-21, 2020



Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall C / Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 10-12, 2020



San Jose Convention Center / San Jose, California
July 24-26, 2020





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NEW!! 06/24/22 --

The new store is up! I will be using Square to handle all domestic and international mail orders for Epson & lustre prints, and playmats.

06/22/22 --

Wow PayPal. In order to "level the playing field", all new orders received from here on out won't allow me to "Get Money" until a day after a customer's order is physically received. This puts all risk on the seller, especially if expensive items are shipped and then a claim is made something didn't arrive (isn't that what the Dispute system is there for in the first place?).


I'm cancelling all new print and playmat orders with PayPal, & removing the PayPal buttons off of the site until further notice until I can get something else set up under Stripe or another service. All pending orders entered with the old system will be completed, the new ones will be refunded.


I'll tentatively keep the service until the next in-person show to see if this idiotic limitation applies to selling items or services at events as well.


07/21/20 -- A new set of images from the M:TG set Double Masters landed yesterday and I’m happy to show the new painting. The individual card art alternates for Urza’s Mines, Urza’s Power Plant, Urza’s Tower, and Karn Liberated all link together in a larger panoramic painting. When I saw the previews I thought the blue colors got shifted into teal quite a bit somewhere along the line so I corrected to show it more as I'd intended. Karn’s just left Phyrexia, a bit like emerging from the underworld, right in the spot where Urza's monuments lie. It's painted in acrylic gouache measuring 22" x 40" (the largest illustration I've done for Magic to date) and art directed by Tom Jenkot.

The print (10" x 18" lustre photo paper) of this is available today and can be found in the Store. Shipping information can be found here.



05/29/20 -- Well, the other shoe dropped and Wizards of the Coast announced that all remaining MagicFest 2020 events have been canceled for the rest of the year. If you'd still like to get cards signed please follow the instructions on my home page. If you'd like to order prints and other merchandise, check out my Store. Thanks!


03/31/20 -- MagicFest Seattle and MagicFest Providence have been canceled.

03/13/20 -- My apologies, MagicFest Detroit has been canceled, as is MTG Louisville, MTG Palm Beach, and MTG Kitakyushu.

03/03/20 -- ALL paper prints have now been updated to reflect all of the offerings I'd been bringing to shows for the past couple of years. Photographic lustre prints are now offered in the online store, as are playmats! (Because the shipping methods are different between playmats and paper prints, I would ask that orders for each be made separately.)



03/01/20 -- It's been awhile since I've updated the website in a more full manner since I've been letting the Facebook (Mark Tedin Illustration) and Instagram (marktedin) pages handle news and updates, but I wanted to at least match more of the information on this site before doing a fuller more comprehensive overhaul in the hopefully near future. 

Most of the MTG events hosted by Channel Fireball Events have been announced through July, so here they are in chronological order: MagicFest Detroit (Mar. 13-15), MagicFest Louisville (Mar. 27-29), MagicFest Palm Beach (Apr. 10-12), MagicFest Seattle (Jun. 5-7), MagicFest Providence (June 19-21), MagicFest Minneapolis (July 10-12), and MagicFest San Jose (Jul. 24-26). There will be more added as the year progresses. :)



04/20/16 -- This weekend from April 22nd (Friday) to the 25th (Sunday) I'll be attending the OvinoSPRING event in Milan, Italy put on by Ovinotournaments. I'll post more specific schhduling as soon I receive them. Looking forward to seeing some of the players there!


04/04/16 -- I'm going to be attending the Emerald City ComiCon this Thursday through Sunday, bringing all the usual good stuff; prints, artwork, white-backed cards, and playmats to sketch on! My table this year will be in the Artist Alley section south of the sky bridge at F-18 and my hours will be from 2am until 7pm on Thursday the 7th, 10am until 7pm on Friday and Saturday 8th & 9th, and 10am until 5pm on Sunday the 10th. (I'll probably duck out a few times for food though.)

This year I'll be sharing the table with my good friend and compatriot in art, Anson Maddocks! Please come by and see us both!


Emerald City ComiCon 2015 logo


03/13/16 -- Bonjour! I'm heading to France this upcoming weekend (March 18-20) for the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Paris! I'll be arriving with large limited-edition matte prints, some playmats, a few tokens, lots of white-back artist's proof cards, and a signing hand that I've been doing one-handed pushups in preparation for!



10/16/15 -- I'll be heading to the 2015 Grand Prix Seattle-Tacoma event this year, bringing as much fun stuff with me (original artwork, prints, playmats, white back AP cards, etc.), and me poor wee overworked signing hand! More information can be found at the Cascade Games LLC Facebook page & official websites:


Other links: http://www.gpseatac.com



05/25/15 -- Hareruya (Japan's largest MTG store), who is running the Modern Masters Grand Prix event in Chiba Japan, has given a sneak peek of the custom playmat I made for the event! I'll be there real soon.



03/25/15 -- I'm heading back to the Emerald City ComiCon this weekend at the Artist Alley table T-11 and my hours will be from 10am until 7pm on Friday the 27th, 10am until 7pm on Saturday the 28th, and 10am until 5pm on Sunday the 29th. I'll be bringing in prints, original artwork, white-backed artist proof cards, & books and playmats to sketch in.

Emerald City ComiCon 2015 logo



03/23/14 -- I'm going to be attending the Emerald City ComiCon this Friday and I'll be bringing all the usual goodies; prints, artwork, white-backed cards, and playmats to sketch on! Daniel Kaufman at Pulled Prok Productions has graciously allowed me to share his table this year in the Artist Alley at BB-10 and my hours will be from 11am until 6pm on Friday, 10am until 7pm on Saturday, and 10am until 5pm on Sunday. (I'll probably duck out a few times for lunch or if I need to help out Daniel for getting food.)

Anson Maddocks and myself have again made up more of that special print based on our two Magic:The Gathering© cards of Urza and Mishra from the Vanguard set. The print is A3 size (around 16 1/2" x 11 3/4"), on glossy Epson Paper, and printed using high quality inks, and available for only $20! Anson has pre-signed all the copies and I'll do the same at the event.

I'll also have copies of the new book called "The Gathering - Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic: The Gathering". It's a 20th anniversary showcasing new artwork from the original Magic artists. The Kickstarter is already complete, but the ECCC is a great opportunity to visit many artists in the area who'd worked on the book. So come by and get yours signed or purchase a copy and I'll gladly add a sketch (or two!) and you can go to many of the other artists on the floor. I have many soft-cover copies and a few hard-covers available!


01/01/14 -- We're moving! Krab Jab Studio is pulling up stakes yet again, but still within the same building. Please send any correspondence to:

Mark Tedin Illustration

c/o Krab Jab Studio

5628 Airport Way South, Suite 150

Seattle, WA 98108


09/11/13 -- Sorry for the long delay on updates, I haven't been able to get my old (OLD!) copy of Dreamweaver to run on my newer machine for a while. I got an updated copy insead. This weekend I'll be traveling to Michigan for the Magic: the Gathering© Grand Prix event in Detroit.

The event, sponsored by PES, will start Friday, September 13th to Sunday, Sept. 15th. Free card signings, sketching, art prints for sale, and all around mayhem will be the norm as long as the robotic signing arm still functions. Daily start times will probably be 10am until general arm and eye failure happens, so I'll be there Friday from noonish-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm.

Cobo Center
Michigan Hall
1 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226



Mark Tedin (194 cards)

Randy Asplund (24 cards, Sat. only)

RK Post (111 cards)



03/07/13 -- On March 16th, I'll be heading off to the Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix event in Utrecht, Netherlands. I'll bring artworks and artist proofs cards to sell and sign with my everlasting bionic wrist.

But before that, my painting for The Gathering Kickstarter book (& others!) will be showing here at Krab Jab Studio at the Georgetown Art Attack this Saturday, March 9th. The reception will be from 6-9pm. I will try to have some prints available for it as well.

02/28/13 -- I'm trying to to get things all tied up before the Emerald City Comic Con, but I wanted to let you know that Anson Maddocks and myself have made up a special print based on our two Magic:The Gathering cards of Urza and Mishra from the Vanguard set way back when. The print is A3 size (around 16 1/2" x 11 3/4"), on glossy Epson Paper, and printed using high quality inks.

Here's a preview:


I'll try to get it put into the print section of the site as soon as possible.


02/27/13 -- I've been involved in a Kickstarter project that just became public. A new book will be coming out this year called "The Gathering - Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic: The Gathering". It's a 20th anniversary book that shows off new artwork from the original Magic artists. The Kickstarter phase just started yesterday and we made our pledge goal in less than 24 hours! The top-tiered $220 backers have already sold out the sets that included exclusive sketch cards, but there are plenty of copies left below that. If you'd like to get more details or get your hands on the book sooner than later, then go here!




02/13/13 -- Good news! I will also be coming the Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix - Utrecht event on March 16-17th, bringing artwork, artist-proof cards, prints to sell, and certainly my indestructable signing hand. My hours will be:

Saturday: 10:00 - 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00


02/13/13 -- Happy New Year! Wow, it HAS been a while. I've been limited by a really old HTML program, so updating the website had been a real problem for me. I can report though that I'll have a table this year at the Emerald City Comic Con on March 1-3, in my home town of Seattle. Look to the Gaming area at table Z-07, I'll be there to sell artwork, sign cards, and just be plain present. There will be a great art show promoting The Gathering book event and the 20th anniversary of Magic's original art & artists!

Update: My table is now Z-07 (Anson Maddock's is Z-09), and my hours will be:

Friday: 1:45 - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 7pm

Sunday: 10:00am - 6pm



10/29/12 -- I'm heading to the Magic:The Gathering Grand Prix Chicago 2012 event next week, November 10th & 11th (Saturday & Sunday) at the at the Navy Pier (600 East Grand Ave.). There will be a special playmat featured there with art by myself, RK Post, and Steve Argyle!

Because of the event, I will unfortunately not be able to be at Krab Jab Studio's Art Attack Saturday night opening, but will be back in December.




7/31/12 -- A very busy month now that I'm back from teaching at The Sitka Fine Arts Camp.  To start off, I'll have some artwork at Krab Jab Studio for this month's Georgetown Art Attack exhibition, The Art of Roleplaying Games, which will have it's opening reception Saturday the 11th from 6-9 pm.  There will likely be some additional pieces related to gaming in my personal space, including older black-and-white work, and prints to sell!  

I'll also be attending the Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix - Boston/Worcester event on August 25-26th, bringing artwork, artist-proof cards, prints to sell, and of course my bionic signing hand.  R.K. Post and Wizards of the Coast's Ron Foster will also be on deck!  More information can be found here:

The week after (Aug 31-Sept 2), I'll be signing and sketching up a storm at the PAX 2012 game convention at Card Kingdom's booth with Anson Maddocks and Joe Vollan:

5/28/12 -- I've updated the price list again for my remaining original Magic artwork. Only a few changes.


3/28/12 -- I'll be headed to grand old Italia tomorrow to attend the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix - Turin event this weekend! There's more information here, and I've put an announcement on my Facebook business page here. I'll be bringing prints, whiteback artist-proof cards, and even some original art. I hope to see some of you there!


2/28/12 -- I'll be signing at the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Seattle/Tacoma event this weekend. There will be a whole host of other Magic artists there (see the Cascade Games link for more information) and I'll bring the usual stuff like prints, originals, artist proofs, and my robot right arm for signing! Hope to see you there!

11/21/11 -- Thanks to everyone who came to the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix - San Diego Event. I had a lot of fun with the signing and the sketches this time around. And check out these playmats that were given away at the end of Saturday and Sunday!

8/11/11 -- I'll be signing at the Etna Comics event in Catania, Italy (Sicily) this 9th-11th of September. I'll be bringing artwork, prints, artist proof whiteback cards, and me poor right hand for signing!

7/5/11 -- I'll have some creepty half-animal, half-creature artwork that I've had on the shelf to come out to say howdy for this Saturday's Art Attack in Georgetown. No reception, but come across the street to Krab Jab Studio if you'd like to say hi! A few Magic pieces can be seen there. Saturday, July 9th for Art Attack, runs all month long.


7/1/11 -- Guess what? I'll be hitting the PAX Expo 2011 here in Seattle on August 26th- 28th as well! Card Kingdom will be sponsoring Anson Maddocks and me, just like last year. Please see their website for additional details when the event gets closer.


6/30/11 -- I'll also be going to the Magic: The Gathering Japan Nationals in Osaka on July 16th - 18th. The art from the most powerful card creature yet invented, the "Emrakul:The Aeons Torn" will be given away as a grand prize at the event. I'll be bringing lots of whiteback cards, prints, and original art to show at the event. If you're nearby, please attend!

6/30/11 -- I'll be heading to San Diego for this November's Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix! There will be a whole host of other Magic artists, so I think it will be a worthwhile event if your'e looking to get oodles of your cards signed and playmats sketched on! (November 12th-13th)

6/19/11 -- I wanted to clarify that if you were interested in purchasing a print from the store but did not want to use the PayPal™ service directly, you can still make a purchase using a debit or credit card as a "guest" to their site. Most cards accepted, at a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee per order (that'd be a $3.20 charge for a $100 transaction, for example). UPDATE: AS OF 6/22/22 I AM NO LONGER USING PAYPAL.

6/18/11 -- I've cleared off 2009-2010 news from here and put it into a new archive page.

6/07/11 -- It hasn't shown up officially at the Wizards site or at the organizer's site yet, but I wanted to let people know that I won't be able to come to the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Pittsburgh this year due to a scheduling conflict. I should've been more attentive to the problem earlier, so I apologize profusely to all involved or travelling to the event this year. I'll try not to let it happen again!

6/02/11 -- A bunch of us at Krab Jab Studio will be having a group show Saturday the 11th of June to show off the results of our Thursday night costume drawing sessions. It's coinciding with the Georgetown Carnival (formerly Artopia) and Art Attack, and we'll be here all day from noon to 9pm. I'll have two pastel portraits in the show and others nearby. C'mon down!

5/11/11 -- Until I can make a better page dedicated to role-playing game illustrations, I've updated a link on one of my art pages that shows a good number of my Star Wars illustrations done for Wizards of the Coast before they gave up the license. Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki has a page with many of them collected together.

4/23/11 -- There are a whole bunch of direct links to some concept art images that were imbedded in Wizards of the Coast articles, making them easier to see since a few were uncredited. The new links for Rise of the Eldrazi and Zendikar are marked with asterisks (*).

Update: I've given the Concept Art section a front page that can make navigation a little easier, even if it's a bit rough for now. There's also a whole bunch of concept bits pulled together from around my site and the web. Hopefully it will be more thorough later.

4/22/11 -- I've updated the Mirrodin Besieged and New Phyrexiapreview pages! I've added a few more links to some Rise of the Eldrazi concept art as well.


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4/16/11 -- Julie Baroh, Kyle Abernethy, Jethaniel Peterka, and myself will be showing some work at the Norwescon 34 art show under our moniker of the Seattle Illustrator's Collective. We'll be hanging the show this upcoming Thursday, staying for the reception and taking it back down on Sunday. I'll have a Dungeons & Dragons and five Magic: The Gathering illustrations to show there. Please stop by and take a look if you're going to be in attendance!

4/14/11 -- I'll be attending the Magic: The Gathering Nationals Qualifier in Seattle this Saturday (April 16) at the Seattle Center through Cascade Games. I'll be there with fellow artist and buddy Anson Maddocks, to sign cards, show artwork, and bring prints and cards to sell. It should be a great event, so please come by!

Seattle Center - Rainier Room
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, Washington

4/14/11 -- My mailing address is changing yet again! Fortunately, we'll be moving over 30 feet to the north, so the Krab Jab Studio will only be changing it's last number. Instead of #250, it will now be #246.

Mark Tedin Illustration
c/o Krab Jab Studio
5628 Airport Wy. S., Suite # 246
Seattle, WA 98108

3/2/11 -- This weekend, I will be attending the Emerald City ComiCon. The Northwest College of Art where I teach illustration, will be sponsoring me. I'll be showing a sample number of my artworks, having prints available, artist-proof cards (whitebacks), and to sign any Magic: The Gathering cards you'd like to put in front of me. I'll also be answering questions about the illustration biz, making concept art for games, the school itself (though I'll defer to the expert school reps of course) and maybe a drawing demo or two if it's practical. I'll be there:

Friday the 4th - 2-8pm

Saturday the 5th - 10am-7pm

Sunday the 6th - 10am-5:30pm

(I may duck out for breaks, lunch, and of course to see a little of this fabulous con!) The Emerald City ComiCon includes comic book writers and artists, publishers, dealers, gamers, exhibitors, costumers, and lots more! Get over there, whaddya waiting for?


2/23/11 -- In April I'm heading to London for the big royal wedding! Okay, not really, but I'll be in town that weekend for Magic:The Gathering's Grand Prix London event along with artist Daren Bader. The usual things like prints and artist proofs will be available, so please stop on by if the future King and Queen's wedding isn't sufficient reason to get to London.


2/2/11 -- A new selection of artwork from artist Anson Maddocks will be shown at Krab Jab Studio for Georgetown's Art Attack next Saturday the week after next. You may remember his groundbreaking work done for many of Magic: The Gathering's earlier sets. His newer work is even more phenomenal. Please stop by!

Anson Maddocks: New Works

Krab Jab Studio
5628 Airport Way S, Ste 250
Seattle, WA

Saturday, February 12 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm


Julie and I will be attending the closing reception to our show at Calamity Jane's this Friday, February 4th from 6-9pm. It will be fully catered by the fine folks at the restaurant, so it will undoubtedly be some really great food. Come on down if you're nearby!


1/2/11 -- Happy New Year! To kick off the year right, Julie Baroh and I are hanging up a bunch of our fantasy illustrations and paintings at Calamity Jane's here in Georgetown for the whole month of January. A good time to check it out is this Saturday the 8th for the Georgetown Art Attack (6-9pm). The address is not far from our Krab Jab Studio location:

Calamity Jane's

5701 Airport Way S.

Seattle, WA 98108


A Reminder -- Many links on the website became broken when Wizard's updated their own site. I'm doing my best to repair old links to articles and such, but in the meantime, if you come across an address that looks like this:


Replace the red portion with this fragment:


Then most articles will display the older info with the new site formatting. Sometimes some links just don't work properly, and are probably gone forever, but it's a solution that should work in the majority of cases.



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