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Thanks for coming to my website! It's been an ongoing project for me these past few years as I digitally retrieve old artwork and place it in the site gradually. I've set up the pages so that it will make it as easy as possible to see what illustrations I've done for what games over the years. There are still major "grey" gaps in the collections, especially when it comes to Role-Playing Games, but hopefully the assorted links will allow you to fill in the information a bit.


"That's great, Tedin, but I need some answers":



Yes, I do sign cards! Please send them with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Mark Tedin Illustration
2008 Federal Ave E.
Seattle, WA 98102

Please remember to mail them including a separate SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with sufficient and matching postage.

I can sign as many cards as you'd like (I recommend keeping it under 50 per mailing), but I charge $2 (U.S.) per signature ($4 for "shadow signs). You may send check, money order, or PayPal (to account tedinmark@mindspring.com, but you must cover the charge so I receive the full amount). Cash sent through the mail is not adviseable, but possible.

I'm not sure how to advise people outside North America, however, since they usually can't hunt down and include U.S. postage on a return envelope. I've received International Reply Coupons in the past, usually from Europe. These are handy because I can exchange them for appropriate postage at the Post Office here in Seattle. They are exchangeable in 191 countries and as of December 2009 now look like this.

I will try to get some estimates on how much various card mailings would cost from a few different countries in the future.



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